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Platinum Design Studio is the premier custom home design planning firm in the valley. Allow us to handle your construction projects and architectural designs from plans to permits, and get the results you need, want, and deserve. With years of experience, training, and dedication, we’ve established a strong reputation for our visionary designs and masterful building solutions. To schedule a no-obligation consultation, or to learn more about our many services, call us at today at (623) 600-4555.

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Platinum Design Studio develops comprehensive solutions to all your architectural design needs. From start to finish, we work closely with clients and key stakeholders to ensure total project success. Our complete range of services ensures every stage of the job goes according to plan. From concept design and document drafting to project management our plans to permits approach will have all your bases covered!


  • Home Design: We develop tailored custom home designs defined by beauty, comfort, artistry, and functionality. Sustainably built, our designs strive to enhance the form and function of a space, creating eternal testaments to human ingenuity.
  • Interior Design: We develop interior designs for homes, businesses, and commercial complexes. Our detail-driven, systematic approach ensures a seamless design that elevates the overall look, feel, and function of a space.
  • Construction Document Creation: We create a complete range of construction documents to streamline your project. Whether you need concept sketches, floor plans, or construction documents, we'll make sure you have everything you need to start construction off strong.
  • Drafting Concepts: We offer drafting services to help you meet building code and permit requirements. Our CAD drafts utilize formats to give you easy-to-read documents for a seamless transition to construction.
  • Project Management: We offer robust project management services to keep your project on track. We provide effective oversight to help you meet your project goals. With our management services, you can rest assured the job will get done promptly, up to code, and within budget.

We work on a range of projects both residential and small commercial. No matter the size or scope of the job, you can trust us for complete design solutions. Contact us to see what we can do for you today.


Quality, artistry, and experience all come together in our custom home designs and construction services. We boast a masterful command of our field to deliver superior results that meet our clients' needs. Form, function, style-our designs combine all three.

With every project we undertake, we strive to enhance livability by developing elegant, creative solutions to modern-day problems. Our designs are as captivating as they are innovating, helping enhance functionality while also offering exceptional aesthetic appeal.


Platinum Design Studio works with each client to provide quality services tailored to their individual needs. We're renowned for our skill and expertise, but we don't let that get us carried away. Instead, we take a collaborative approach to develop personalized solutions based on our clients' specifications. We work closely with you, and we welcome your feedback to provide a more client-focused, boutique service experience. Your needs are our needs-your satisfaction, our number one priority.

To ensure your satisfaction, we maintain an open line of communication throughout all project phases. From initial site evaluation and concept planning to designing and construction drawing all the way through to submitting your permits to the city. We make sure you always stay satisfied with our services.


You need a custom home design firm you can trust. With us, you have it!

Years of architectural design experience make us the local area's premier design studio. That experience has shaped us into an industry-leading service provider. We're renowned for our skill and expertise, as well as our unique ability to achieve your goals while driving down costs. With countless successful projects under our belts, we are your go-to choice for professional architectural services, no matter the size or scope of the job.

Plans to Permits


We've built a strong legacy as a trusted design studio. But we're not content with just that.

Every job we undertake, we see it as an opportunity. We see it as a chance not only to refine our workmanship, but also to give back to those who've made us what we are: Our clients and our community.

As a preferred design studio, we are steadfast in our commitment to every project we undertake. We work with rigor, diligence, and dedication to give every client the best-quality work available. We're not satisfied with a job just done. We're only satisfied when we know we've delivered something we can be proud to call our own. For us, every job is a portfolio job-every client, a partner in our success. Rest assured: With us, you have a design firm committed to seeing your project through to the end. With us, you have a design firm committed to your success.


We know we’re the area’s best-choice design studio for precise architectural design plans —and we want you to know it too.

That’s why we start every client relationship with a no-obligation consultation. We consider it a chance to prove our worth and earn your trust. It’s also a chance for you to ask any questions you may have about our services.

Take advantage of our consultation service and book your consultation with us today!


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For all your custom home design needs, Platinum Design Studio is here to help. Clients near and far have come to depend on us for superior designs, masterful building solutions, and effective project management. They’ve all appreciated our timeliness, expertise, and client-focused approach. We’re confident you will, too, once you experience the quality of our work for yourself.

Why wait? To book your consultation, call us at (623) 600-4555 today.

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