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Design Development

Platinum Design Studio provides strategic, budget-conscious, and forward-thinking design development services. We collaborate with our clients to conduct product selections and finalize plans. We coordinate with consultants, engineers, and other professionals to facilitate a smooth construction phase.

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Every successful building project starts with detailed plans and blueprints. Platinum Design Studio uses nothing but the industry’s best techniques and technology to create detailed diagrams, written plans, and comprehensive models of your project so we can visualize the final structure before we bring it to life.

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Platinum Design Studio excels in the programming phase of pre-construction planning. We conduct extensive research and engage in thoughtful client-architect dialogues to identify your future building’s spatial requirements. Then, we optimize a layout that seamlessly lends function to form.

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Analyzing and applying building codes to your construction project is one of the most critical roles we play as architects. Building codes exist to protect people and property, and they are essential to every building project, no matter its size or nature.

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Platinum Design Studio is an established architectural firm serving a diverse clientele with building design marked by ingenuity and skill. We bring a collaborative mindset to the table to develop blueprints of artistic prowess.

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Platinum Design Studio is the architecture firm of choice for commercial new builds across all industries. Our multidisciplinary, seasoned architects facilitate an economical and highly collaborative design process. We seek to create custom commercial designs that contribute positively to our communities with conceptual rigor and aesthetic excellence.

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Platinum Design Studio offers comprehensive construction document creation for design-builds with all types of project delivery. Our firm is an industry leader for economical and timely CD development.

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A permit is official approval from your district to move forward with the building project. The permit will show that your building plans comply with municipal safety codes and construction standards related to sanitation, zoning, fire risks, electricity, and more. Obtaining a permit is not always easy, and having the support and guidance of a professional contractor can make a significant difference. Platinum Design Studio would be happy to help you procure the permits needed to legally move forward with your building project.

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There is a lot that goes into constructing a home or business building, and the time and care you put in during the planning stages of the project will directly impact its overall success. Our architects know better than anyone the importance of construction site planning, and we’re very proud to help our clients get started on the right foot.

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Platinum Design Studio is an established architecture firm renowned for diligent, cost-effective site selection services. We delve deep into the unique characteristics of each potential construction site to evaluate their future implications on the design process, and, ultimately, help our clients make judicious site selections.

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Custom Home Design

Platinum Design Studio creates custom homes through a collaborative design process that seamlessly ties economy, beauty, and craft. We partner with individuals and property developers on large and small projects, consistently surpassing client expectations in a timely manner and within budget.

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Interior Design

Platinum Design Studio interior design specialists provide a complete range of residential interior design services that encompass every detail!

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Plans to Permits Design Solutions

Platinum Design Studio is a forward-thinking and quality-driven architecture firm. We offer concept-to-completion assistance with design-builds of many kinds. Our project management style is collaborative, timely, and budget-sensitive.

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Platinum Design Studio employs a quality-driven and detail-focused approach to the schematic design phase of every project. Our in-house architects develop meticulous and realistic design concepts both by hand and using 3D rendering technology to help our clients achieve and visualize their design objectives.

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Whether you want to build your house out or build your house up, Platinum Design Studio is the general contractor you need on your side. Working with your home’s existing structure and architectural blueprints, we will expand your living space while preserving everything you love about it. Get the home you’ve always wanted, by hiring the general contractor that puts quality workmanship first.

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