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Platinum Design Studio excels in the programming phase of pre-construction planning. We conduct extensive research and engage in thoughtful client-designer dialogues to identify your future home's spatial requirements. Then, we optimize a layout that seamlessly lends function to form.

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During the structural programming phase, our designers' raw talent and ingenuity shine through. We have an intuitive knack for anticipating spatial problems and proactively creating design solutions to prevent them. As forward-thinkers, we don't merely consider the here-and-now usages of your space. Rather, we look to the future to develop rooms that will continue to operate pragmatically five, ten, and twenty years from now.

The program we present you with will be displayed both diagrammatically and graphically. The document will establish a baseline point of reference for future project comparisons and reveal a comprehensive overview of the layout's qualitative and quantitative spatial requirements.

What's more, you'll be pleased to know that we consistently deliver architectural programs on-schedule. We follow an organized sequence of events with strict deadlines in order to satisfy your big-picture construction timeline.


Without the client's direction, program development inevitably goes awry. Your input is crucial to achieving a well-rounded space that facilitates an enjoyable and easy user experience. That's why we engage in much collaboration with our clients. We will engage you in forward-thinking dialogues through which we can extract the necessary information we need to secure your new-build's spatial success.

Some of the topics we'll broach with you may include:

  • Site usage, including parking, circulation, and human activity
  • Functional relationships of all spaces within the home
  • Future outlook, goals, and desired landscaping and interior design

With a solid grasp of these criteria, we'll put together a robust, cost-efficient, and functional program.


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Platinum Design Studio infuses program development with years of expertise. Within any given project's programming phase, you can depend on our designers to conduct extensive research, perform thorough data analysis, and develop future-oriented spaces that bolster your overarching design goals.

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