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Located in Phoenix servicing Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and surrounding areas

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Platinum Design Studio’s Services

Platinum Design Studio is an experienced group of talented professionals with a portfolio of construction drawings and design plans marked by quality, creativity, and attention to detail. Our architectural design prowess serves clients with start-to-finish plans to permit services, approaching every new project with a collaborative spirit. We design innovative homes that masterfully blend function and form.

Need a hidden staircase or panic room? You got it! Need other customized access to your home? That’s our specialty. Have a million-dollar view blocked by walls and small windows from ages ago? Let us help you open it up with jaw-dropping designs that emphasize all the beauty your property has to offer.

Your home has boundless potential! We welcome you to explore our website or contact our office at (623) 800-9555 for more information.

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Our company is wholly devoted to developing modern homes and inspiring environments. We’re passionate about contributing to the livability and visual appeal of our cities. We build with a forward-thinking mindset, carving out interiors and molding exteriors that will yield results today and for countless tomorrows.

We believe that every space can tell a story. Every space can elicit a response. Every space can facilitate an experience. We’ve made it our mission to harness the limitless potential of space and capture our clients’ vision through timeless design.

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As a premier Design Studio in the area, we’re committed to seeing our clients through. We’re a full-service company that offers all-encompassing design services, from site selection and feasibility studies to schematic design. While we serve a diverse clientele and tackle varying sizes of projects, we approach each new case with the same sky-high level of professional accountability and transparency. For us, budget limitations and time deadlines aren’t restrictive. Rather, they’re opportunities for us to shine.

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Personalized Design Plan Support

Our in-house operations are marked by a personal touch that is rare in the industry. We don’t just serve our clients. We come along beside them to listen to them, work for them, and create with them. To that end, we emphasize collaboration throughout the architectural and design process. We seek to not only meet but exceed your expectations in every respect.

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A Local Design Studio

Who We Are

We are a local, multidisciplinary team that believes our differences make us stronger. Together, we leverage far-reaching experience and bring sophistication and know-how to the table. We are a highly skilled group of professionals with a broad array of specializations and backgrounds. Together, we fuse our strengths to form distinctive architectural flair. Our work is defined not by one designer’s leadership but by a unified collective of leading talent. We work as a cohesive, communicative unit to shape and refine projects into a higher caliber of architecture. Our culture is one that fosters curiosity and nurtures innovation. We’re artists. We’re inventors. We’re problem solvers. We’re your design team!

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Meet Your Team

Platinum Design Studio is a full-service design studio. We exist to deliver comprehensive architectural assistance for every design need, and we pride ourselves on tailoring our services to suit each project’s subtleties and nuances. Our business philosophy is one of close collaboration, and we believe it’s that cooperative attitude that sets us apart.

Ready to embark upon a new design-build, remodel, or addition? Think outside the box. Overturn the status quo. Partner with our team and discover how we can help! Let’s start a conversation today.

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Phone: (623) 800-9555


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