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Construction Permit Procurement

Most projects will require a permit in some capacity, and most extensive projects will require a few depending on the nature of your building and the city and local jurisdiction.

A permit is official approval from the city to move forward with construction on your new home, remodel or building. The permit will show that your building plans comply with municipal safety codes and construction standards related to sanitation, zoning, fire risks, electricity, and more. Obtaining a permit is not always easy and having the support and guidance of a professional can make a significant difference. Platinum Design Studio would be happy to help you procure the permits needed to legally move forward with your building project and we are really good at it!

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Allow Platinum Design Studio to Streamline the Permit Procurement Process

There is likely more than one permit to obtain when it comes to completing a significant construction project. Some of the most common permits include:

  • General building permits
  • Electrical permits
  • Mechanical permits
  • Plumbing permits
  • Concrete permits

Other necessary permits will depend on the area you're in. If your location is prone to wildfires, for example, you may be required to build with fire-resistant materials.

The job of our experts is to determine what permits are required for your building project and apply for them right away. We will have to provide the municipality with a detailed breakdown of the construction plan, the materials being used, the location, etc.

Avoid Delays in Your Construction by Obtaining Permits from the Get-Go

There is nothing worse than getting halfway through your project and realizing you have failed to comply with local building regulations. However, obtaining all necessary permits will ensure that you're ready to move forward. So, when the day comes to get started, the contractors can go full speed ahead without hiccups or interruptions.

Bypass Costs and Fees Related to Permit Issues Today and Tomorrow

On top of delaying the completion of your building project, neglecting to obtain proper permits could land you a hefty fine. Permits are used to help ensure the safety of our communities, and their importance should not be overlooked. Therefore, if you choose to move forward without a permit, don't be surprised if you face fines.

Our team can help you avoid these and other penalties – reach us to learn how!

Construction Permit Procurement

Let Our Experts Answer Your Questions About Permits

Our team has been working in this industry for years, and we've helped numerous contractors and property owners obtain the permits they need to move forward with exciting new construction and remodel projects. If you are confused, concerned, or curious about what permits you may need or how to obtain them, our experts are always happy to answer your questions - so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Get in Touch with Our Team to Get Started on Permit Procurement Today

Platinum Design Studio looks forward to guiding you through the permit procurement process and ensuring a safe, efficient, and responsible building execution.

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