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Construction Site Selection

Platinum Design Studio is an established architecture design studio renowned for diligent, cost-effective site selection services. We delve deep into the unique characteristics of each potential construction site to evaluate their future implications on the design process, and, ultimately, help our clients make judicious site selections.

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Site Selection

Architectural Site Analysis

Before our design team can pick up a pen, we engage in rigorous site analysis. The site is crucial to the success of a design. That's why we overturn every stone to compile an exhaustive site report before we begin the design process.

Residential and commercial clients alike turn to our firm for assistance in this area. In response, we step up to the plate with a cost-effective site analysis service that leaves no question unanswered. Our preliminary findings will inform, influence, and enhance the design process.

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Data, Data, Data: The Basics of Site Research

Site research is not for the faint of heart. Our team pours endless hours of painstaking research into compiling data-driven reports on behalf of our clientele. On any given lot, we will dive into the fine print of:

  • Geographic location
  • Topography
  • Site boundaries and dimensions
  • Circulation and accessibility
  • Climate conditions
  • Legal information
  • And more

All of these minute details will have a direct impact on the future construction and long-term operation of your new-build. Therefore, each one deserves careful attention and thoughtful consideration—and that's precisely what our architecture team offers.

The Site Visit

Analyzing the black-and-white data of your site on paper is important, but nothing beats the power of an in-person visit. Once our team has done the background research, we'll make an appointment with you to tour the lot. We'll take pictures of every view from every angle. We'll take measurements and note sensory details. This firsthand look at the site will go a long way in contributing to a design that blends in seamlessly with the area. Our team will capitalize on every site advantage and develop design solutions to workaround every site-specific challenge.

Construction Site Selection

Creating an Informative Site Diagram

Finally, our architectural staff will synthesize the data to present our findings to you. It can be challenging to digest the whole trove of information, which is why our team will walk you through the visual indicators and their significance one by one. Together, we'll discuss the site's overall feasibility and offer invaluable insight into each detail.

Begin the Site Selection Process

Platinum Design Studio is at your service for comprehensive site analysis to maximize the functionality, aesthetic excellence, and value of your custom new-build. We'll be your trusted partner to scout out an ideal location to accommodate your architectural vision.

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