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There are numerous reasons why clients and competitors alike look to Platinum Design Studio with admiration. One of these reasons stems from our commitment to architectural programming. With an emphasis on form and function, we work with clients to give their creative concepts the practical edge they need to serve their needs and the environment they’re built in.

If you find yourself looking for professionals who can sharpen the focus of your upcoming project, look no further than those at our firm. Together, we will develop a functional program that paves the way for effective results.

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Architectural Programs: What to Know 

Before the schematic design of a facility comes the architectural program. Clients and professionals might know the architectural program by other names, such as the design brief, the facilities program, or space needs analysis.

In short, the architectural program covers your building’s spatial requirements—from necessary windows, fire exits, and electrical outlets to the project base costs estimate. These requirements may relate to standard building codes, or they may relate to the wishes of a client.

Whatever the case, these key details are essential to the overall success of your project. Designers and builders alike will refer to your design brief over the course of the project.

Establishing Needs and Objectives

Developing the design brief is all about cultivating a deep understanding of the client’s wishes. A common example can be found in the designing of a commercial property. While the building itself is important, there is also the parking lot to concern yourself with. Rest assured, we never let site requirements such as these go undiscussed.

Your facilities program will also include:

  • Spatial relationship diagrams
  • Flow diagrams
  • Considerations of zoning and building code requirements
  • Room-by-room requirements and functions
  • And more

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Innovative Approach to Design

Our aptitude for functional and attractive design really shines through during this stage of the process. Relying on your input and our years of experience, we craft richly detailed and diagrammatic plans stages.

We are adept at taking the interesting concepts of clients and transforming them into designs that take even the most minute details into account. As a result, we lay the groundwork that ensures buildings are user-friendly, structurally sound, and impressive from floor to ceiling.  

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The buildings we design are more than eye-catching properties. We pride ourselves on creating habitable spaces that welcome activities of all varieties. By taking stock of room-by-room technical requirements your building might need, we make sure contractors have designs that take a buildings’ needs into account.

Here, we go to great lengths to meet the needs of our clients—and the buildings we design, too. Call us at (623) 600-4555 to request our value-driven services today.