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Platinum Design Studio is a company with a long track record of success for cost-effective residential and commercial design. We work closely with our clients to develop design concepts that are sustainable, energy-efficient, and visually striking from top to bottom.

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Building Design Services

Our firm has a far-reaching background in building design. We’ve helped new homeowners craft their forever homes, and we’ve assisted commercial enterprises in developing new-builds consistent with their brand identity and future objectives. Our designers leverage years of elite education and hands-on, specialized training to draft blueprints in a class of their own.

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Meet with Us in a Design Consultation

Every project we undertake—no matter its size—receives our utmost care and attention. That’s our firm’s commitment, and it will be evident from the start when you book a design consultation with us.  

Our firm is interested in establishing strong client relationships that last a lifetime. To build these connections, we take the time to meet with our prospective customers in a non-committal, no-pressure meeting. Allow us to sit down with you and take you through our approach to building design. Based on your ideas and input, we’ll offer our insight on the best ways to achieve your vision. Plus, we’ll show you examples in our portfolio of work to help inspire you.

Ultimately, our goal during this meeting is to acquaint ourselves with your project’s individual challenges and demonstrate how our multidisciplinary team will tackle each one head-on while staying within your budget and timeline.

Sustainable Designs

Part of our firm’s overarching mission to create world-class designs is to create environmentally responsible designs. In our minds, a design can’t be one without the other. By implementing energy-efficient materials and utilizing sustainable building practices, our designers make every wall a testament to green living. One blueprint at a time, we seek to conserve energy and resources. Here, innovation and sustainability align.

Timely Design Services

To erect a building, a lot of variables are at play. Material orders, contractor schedules, and permit applications are just a few examples of the factors that must be meticulously organized for a timely construction result. In an industry plagued by time concerns, we stand out for our efficiency. When you give us a time deadline, we’ll deliver within that time frame. It’s as simple as that. Our consistent design submissions are a breath of fresh air.

It’s not only our products that are timely. You’ll find our communication is, too. We always respond promptly to client requests. You can rely on having direct contact with a certified designer at all stages of your project.

Design Firm in Phoenix

Platinum Design Studio’s talent for crafting versatile, modernized, and sustainable design caters to a diverse clientele. We’re available for commercial and residential design inquiries. Our staff is lauded for its ability to realize far-fetched ideas into cost-effective blueprints in short time frames.

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