Architectural Programming in Paradise Valley

Platinum Design Studio is dedicated to providing outstanding architectural programming for any commercial or residential building project you have in mind. From solving complex spacing issues to developing sound data to back-up design decisions, we’re the experts with plenty of years of experience streamlining construction projects across all industries.

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Architectural Programming Process

Architectural programming is a pre-design process that anticipates challenges in advance of the design. If we think about programming as a process that seeks out problems, we will see that the function of design suits to provide forward-thinking solutions to issues of every type.

Without a sound program to draw from, foreseeable complications in the building’s construction or functionality could arise. The following are some of the intuitive steps we take to overcome problems:

  • Extensive research
  • Creation of actionable goals and objectives
  • Information collection
  • Strategy identification
  • Concept testing
  • Defining the problem(s)
  • Providing cost-effective solutions

In completing this process, we will understand your company’s goals and a detailed definition of each activity that will take place in the proposed space of the building. During this time, we will also complete extensive site research, identify zoning, permitting, and special building regulations. Reach out to us today for more detailed information.

Architectural Programming Diagrams

Maintaining accurate architectural programming diagrams throughout the stages of the building project allows all stakeholders to get a better idea of spatial relationships and proposed concept ideas. As the pre-design evolves, our commitment to your success is reflected in high-quality, up-to-date visual materials that will allow you to make informed planning and design decisions in real-time. You can expect:

  • Planimetric diagrams
  • Sectional diagrams
  • Axonometric diagrams
  • And more!

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Innovative Software

The days of drawing each component out by hand are far behind us, although we still retain those skills for special circumstances. Using top-of-the-line software allows us to move quickly to explore and respond to evolving concept ideas. This means you’ll never be waiting around to get schematics in your hands. We’ll be there with the information you need— when you need it.

What is the Most Important Step in Architectural Programming?

While every architectural programming company does things differently, we believe the most important step is communication. Interacting with you and other stakeholders involved in the future use and occupation of the space you are creating allows us to get an in-depth understanding of your goals and how each area will be used.

Hire The City’s Best Architectural Programmer

We eliminate stress, added and unplanned expenses, and delays from all our Paradise Valley construction projects. Platinum Design Studio’s reputation for being the most innovative architectural programmer in the city means we will identify and solve building challenges of all types. Get the most out of your investment. Phone us today at (623) 600-4555 to get started.